About Edition FAG

Edition FAG is a registered trade mark (No. 30 2011 064 852) and has set itself the aim of making the oeuvre of the Cologne painter Friedrich Alexander Großkopf known and accessible to a wide public via the Internet. The owner of Edition FAG and, as the legal successor of his father, the owner of the copyright, is his son Ekkehard Großkopf. The website www.edition-fag.com had opened its activity in April 2012 with the editing of the thematic focus of ‚Figure skaters‘. Further topics such as ‘Circus and Carnival’, ‘Dancers’, ‘Nudes’, ‘Musicians’ etc. have been partially published in September 2013. The reservoir not shown artworks by FAG is in the vault nearly endless. In the summer of 2015 are still the subjects added: ‘Fashion & Models‘, ‘Landscapes‘ and ‘Portraits’.

The set under our heading SHOP offers of Edition FAG are subject to change and dynamically structured. The binding sales price is oriented to the order situation, but is free of surprises for customers. The customer pays only the end price stated during the ordering procedure on the website of the Edition FAG, and the order is invoiced accordingly. The retail price indicated includes both legal VAT and all shipping charges.

Edition FAG views itself as an art provider for art enthusiasts but not as a frame dealer. Edition FAG does not carry out so-called refinements of works. The customer is responsible for finding a suitable frame for the work.

Edition FAG also provides certificates of authenticity. Those who own an original picture signed with

a) Friedrich Alexander Großkopf, Fritz Großkopf, Großkopf or with FAG
b) Waltraud Großkopf née Schumacher or Waltraud Großkopf

can count themselves lucky and can have this work tested for authenticity and certified by Edition FAG. Original works by Fritz and Waltraud Großkopf can be found in the Vienna greater area and in the Cologne area.